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College of Design
Beginning as Graduate Program in Design in 1991 and formally established in 1997, the College of Design at Taiwan Tech is regarded as one of the best in Taiwan. It is part of a top-ranked national university, located in the vibrant city of Taipei, with well-respected faculty members, and a talented, diverse, highly motivated students. The combination of these conditions makes the college an excellent learning environment for future architects and designers. The college offers comprehensive undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs, through Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial and Commercial Design, Graduate Institute of Design, and Design Honors Program.
Recent Activity
Time: 2013/04/20~04/28
Place: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
16 Professors
12 Associate Professors
3 Assistant Professors
121 Doctorals
347 Masters
793 Undergraduates

Update 2019/01/11
Activity Record - 2012 Design Week