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Department of Design

Link: https://www.dt.ntust.edu.tw/index.php?lan=eng

The Department of Design, established in 1997, includes both industrial design and commercial design tracks. In terms of industrial design education, our aim is to train students to become product designers who are equipped with knowledge pertinent to design theory and design practice. Our curricula include theoretical and practical aspects of innovative product, service and system design. Most of our students are graduates from vocational schools with engineering backgrounds, who are adept in technical drawing, fine arts and craft, information technology, and printing. As for commercial design education, our courses are based on the same principles and our goal is to help students acquire solid background knowledge on design theory and gain hands-on experience of design practice. Ultimately, students will become professional visual communication designers. In addition, our curricula focus on visual design theory and practice, and constantly keep abreast of new developments and needs of the current market. Thus, our students are often from vocational schools with backgrounds in advertising and fine arts and craft.


The master program of the Department of Design within the College of Design was launched in 2000, based on a previous Course in Design offered by the Graduate School of Engineering and Technology since 1992. At the same time, a doctoral program was established with the main objective to train future educators for domestic higher education institutions. In 2001, a continuing education Master's program was initiated and it provides further training for designers who have already joined the workforce for several years. Today, students at the master and doctoral program of the Department of Design can choose their specialization from industrial design, commercial design or information design.