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About us

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) is one of the twelve universities on the “Aim for the Top University Plan.” Among all the renowned design schools worldwide, most of them are located in the capital city where more talents are gathered, full-time professional faculty members and outstanding designers from industries to serve as part-time lecturers are recruited, and youngsters of high potential are attracted. In Taiwan, NTUST is one of the few national universities which own a design department. In addition, NTUST is located in Taipei City, the hub of creativities, with sufficient information, abundant talents, and an environment of diversity, and therefore satisfies the requirements of becoming a top design university internationally.


The Design of College at NTUST has an international reputation in the field of design. Both the Department of Design and Department of Architecture provide programs of four-year bachelor, master, and PhD. Both departments also provide in-service master's program for students who are working in industries and intend to pursue further study.

The Design of College emphasizes hands-on learning and practical training and graduates are loved by industries. The government-funded programs, such as “Design-Driven Interdisciplinary and Integrated Innovation Plan,” all put emphasis on improving Taiwan’s innovation and design capacities and expect to make Taiwan become the creation and design center in Asia. The implementation of this vision requires a number of design talents who are highly creative and have integrated design abilities. Council for Economic Planning and Development has proposed Guidelines and Action Plans for Service Industry Development and it also has included Design Service Industry as one of the Top 12 promising service industries, which clearly demonstrates that human resources in the service industry are indispensable for the future development of Taiwan. Obviously, the College’s graduates have numerous jobs’ opportunities to choose from including architecture design, interior design, furniture design, product design, digital multimedia design, computer animation and game, IU / UX design, service design, package design, fashion design, artifact design, visual communication design, brand design, advertisement design, product planning, social design, and more.


In the future, our College will continue building on the solid foundation by actively recruiting excellent professionals, encouraging research and creations of design, inviting international scholars, strengthening international exchange, participating in international design competitions, establishing interdisciplinary programs, fostering integrated curriculum design, promoting transnational and cross-institution research, and developing related research and industry-academia cooperation. The vision is to become “Top Design Academy” among international universities and incubate and equip future creative design talents with international perspective, extraordinary creativity, interdisciplinary capacities, and humanity.


College of Design
1974.8 Foundation of National Taiwan Institute of Technology
1979.8 Establishment of the Institute of Engineering Technology
1991.8 Opening of Design Technology Program under the Institute of Engineering Technology
1997.8 National Taiwan Institute of Technology was upgraded to National University of Science and Technology
1997.8 As part of the upgrading and restructuring process, the College of Design was established

Department of Architecture
1991. A Design process architecture group is set up within the Institute of Engineering Technology
1994. A two-year undergraduate program in Architecture is launched
1997. Establishment of the Department of Architecture
1999. EMBA
2000. Opening of a four-year undergraduate program in Architecture
2000. A PhD program is launched 

Department of Design
1991. Establishment of the Institute of Engineering Technology, Design Program
1997. The establishment of a four-year program in Commercial and Industrial Design
2000. The PhD program established
2001. EMBA
1974.8 establishment of the Institute of Engineering Technology
1991.8 established Design Technology Program under the Institute of Engineering Technology
1997.8 restructuring into National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
1998.7 College of Design established

Design Undergraduate Honors Program
2007. Established the Design Undergraduate Honors Program